Xtreme Carolina Athletics is determined to teach the value of a team while uplifting and empowering our athletes in a positive, safe, and fun environment. Our goal is to build confidence and inspire each and every athlete to obtain their personal goals.

We are a Christian family and believe it’s important to model Christian faith. Middle school and high school age athletes are faced with many unique challenges in today’s world. We feel it’s important that coaches play an active part in modeling good character and coping strategies. Team prayers will be lead before/after practices and at competitions. We will have monthly character building themes and will begin practice with an inspirational quote and bible verse relating to each particular theme.

Our goal is to build relationships among athletes and coaches and to encourage athletes to open up about daily struggles they may be encountering at school, on social media, or with their peers as well as sharing personal experiences on how they have overcome a certain difficult situations. We will close practice reviewing our weekly quote and encourage athletes to put these powerful words into action in their daily life.